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MLPFIM: Clockwork's Army - Minutemen Designs -WIP- by Acyrotin MLPFIM: Clockwork's Army - Minutemen Designs -WIP- by Acyrotin
A WIP of my designs for my MLP:FIM villain OC, Clockwork.

-Basically copy/pasted from my original picture of Clockwork- Clockwork used to be a pony who built clocks and time-pieces, and was always fascinated with time. His fascination, however, slowly turned into an obsession. He wanted to control time, make it bend to his will. His obsession led him to track down and discover an ancient hourglass like artifact which would give him the power to alter time as he desired. What he didn't realize was that the artifact came with a terrible curse. The more he used it, the more his body began to warp and change, becoming metal where there was once flesh and fur. The hourglass eventually fused with him once his body was completely replaced, housed within the burning furnace in his chest. His broken mind led him to try to take over, and find an artifact of power that would allow him to freeze the flow of time for as long as he wanted, perhaps even permanently.

Army: Clockwork has assembled an army, mostly mechanical ponies and creatures that would never tire or be hindered by that which affects organic life, such as hunger or fatigue. They are ruthless, and ever-loyal...just like they're programmed to. They, of course, have time-related divisions.

Minutemen: The base force of the army, minutemen are essentially the equivalent of the pony guards in Canterlot, except much hardier. There are three types: Standard, Magi, and Aero. Standard is based off of an Earth Pony, Magi off a Unicorn, and Aero off a Pegasus. Each have their own pros and cons. They are most devastating in groups. Obviously based off a minute.

Secanines -Pronounced Second-nines- : Mechanical armored warhounds that are used to track enemies and fit into areas normally inaccessible by the rest of the troops. Known for how fast they are. Based off a second.

Hourcrashers: Mechanical, heavily armored Rhinos, armed with giant hourglass hammers with a pendulum-styled handle. Based off an hour.

Daybreakers: Large, mechanical rams with thick horns and an astrological theme. They are able to charge forward and can cause devastating damage with their horns. Used to clear obstacles and anything else that happens to be in the way. Based off a 24-hour day.

I'll color these later, and try to draw up the rest of the designs. I'll also try to do an updated version of Clockwork as well. I did used some Steampunk style for their uniforms.
ColoredSpice Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012
Ah ha! Minutemen! :iconicwhatudidthereplz:
Acyrotin Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mm'yep. 'Minutemen' :iconrimshotplz:
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